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Our Monthly Newsletter of Life Enriching Tips!

Construction Award

Congratulations to Scull Construction!

We just found out that Scull Construction was awarded two Construction Industry Craftsmanship Awards for their work on The Courtyard!!

If you watch our CEO, Daryl Reinicke's testimonial, you'll understand a little bit of why we are so grateful

We love our beautiful space and expansion and we are excited to see them awarded for their excellent work! Great news!!

Our On-Site Clinic

Did you know we have a clinic on-site?

Westhills Village is pleased to announce the availability of Rapid City Regional CNP staff Ashley Brunmaier and Gretchen Landers in our on-site clinic here at Westhills on the 3rd floor of Building C. Ashley and Gretchen specialize in geriatric care, and they are in the clinic every Tuesday from 9a-10a to see scheduled and walk in patients. They will also be available in the on-site clinic for scheduled appointments at your convenience on weekdays, with a 48 hour appointment request.

Their scheduler can be reached at 755-0220 to schedule appointments or answer any questions.

Gift Ideas for your Westhills Family Member

'Tis the Season for Giving - Here's some ideas!

Westhills Village Community offers several gift certificate options for your loved one during the Holidays! Stop by (or call) the Reception Desk to purchase a gift certificate for:

  • Meal Tickets
  • Home Health Services Gift Certificates
  • Transportation Gift Certificates
  • Salon Gift Certificates (call the Salon at 605-721-3601)
  • Housekeeping Services Gift Certificates
  • Pantry Gift Certificates

SD Health Care Association's Activities Director of the Year!

Teresa Wardle from Clarkson Health Care receives award!

Teresa Wardle announced as South Dakota Health Care Association’s Activities Director of the Year!

Teresa began her employment at Clarkson Health Care 25 years ago as a certified nurse assistant, eventually moving to the roll of Health Unit Clerk. When the Activities Director position became available, Teresa was a natural selection and she stepped up to the plate with enthusiasm!

Teresa has tremendous respect from the residents, their families, and her coworkers as well. She is a ray of sunshine to everyone at Clarkson Health Care – constantly creating a fun atmosphere! Teresa provides plenty of activities for the residents to enjoy and always makes new attendees feel welcome.

Our programs continue to be creative and diverse because of Teresa’s new ideas. She is a strong proponent of the Music & Memory Program, which she helped certify Clarkson Health Care for.

We are so proud to have Teresa as a member of our team! Congratulations, Teresa!

Values, Beliefs & Balance Matter

Spiritual Wellness is an important part of being a healthy human!

Spiritual Wellness is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. While different individuals may have different views of what spiritualism is, it is generally considered to be the search for meaning and purpose in human existence, leading one to strive for a state of harmony with oneself and others while working to balance inner needs with the rest of the world.

Having compassion, the capacity for love and forgiveness, altruism, joy, and fulfillment help you enjoy your spiritual health. Your religious faith, values, beliefs, principles, and morals define your spirituality. Your spiritual wellness may look different than others.

If you are a person engaged in the process of spiritual wellness, you are willing and able to transcend yourself in order to  question the meaning and purpose in your life and the lives of others. In addition, you  seek to find harmony between that which lies within and the social and physical forces that come from outside. We are always able to continue growing in our spiritual wellness!

Active Aging Month

Here's how we Inspire Wellness!

September is Active Aging Month. To celebrate this month, and to continue our goal of inspiring wellness throughout our community, the Community Life team at Westhills Village has a calendar full of special events!
Throughout the month of September, we've challenged our community members, residents and employees alike, to participate in our "virtual marathon." Using a pedometer or activity tracker (pedometers are available for purchase from the Community Life Department) keep track of your miles as you walk, use a treadmill or eliptical, or hike this month. The goal is to complete a half marathon (13.1 miles) or a full marathon (26.2 miles) or even an ultra marathon (anything over 26.2 miles!) We know you can do it!
Other fun activities that are planned include:
  • Canyon Lake Walk About - Wednesday, September 5th at 2pm
  • Table Tennis Tournament - Thursday, September 6th at 7:30pm
  • Strider Bike Obstacle Course - Friday, September 7th at 11am
  • Hike in the Hills at Black Elk Peak - Saturday, September 8th at 9am
  • Water Volleyball Tournament - Tuesday, September 11th at 4pm
  • Croquet Tournament - Thursday, September 13th at 10am
  • Outdoor Excursion to the Wax Museum - Saturday, September 15th at 10am
  • Resident/Staff Bowling at Robbinsdale - Sunday, September 16th at 2pm
  • Cooking with Mr. Good Looking - Tuesday, September 18th, at 2:30pm
  • Dart Tournament - Thursday, September 20th at 10:15am
  • Wear Purple to End Alzheimer's Day - Friday, September 21
  • Walk to End Alzheimer's (Memorial Park) - Saturday, September 22nd at 9am
  • 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk - Tuesday, September 25th at 8:45am
  • Cribbage Tournament - Wednesday, September 26th at 1:30pm
  • Swim Meet - Friday, September 28th, at 9am
Part of living life fully and well is staying active while we can, in the ways that we can, as part of a community that lifts us up. Active Aging Month is an excellent time to renew our focus on activity, community, and growth. We look forward to all that this month has to offer the staff and residents of our vibrant community!

Enjoy Fall in the Black Hills!

Accessible Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors!

Perhaps it’s been a while since you ventured into the great outdoors. Did you know that there are numerous walking and hiking trails and observation areas that are just off the beaten path and are paved, walker, wheelchair, and senior friendly? Here’s a few of our favorites!

Veteran's Point Trail

Veteran’s Point Trail is a half- mile trail at the north end of the dam at Pactola Resevoir on Hwy 385. Designed to be accessible for everyone - it has an asphalt surface, handrails, restroom facilities, and fishing access.

D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery

This Spearfish treasure welcomes visitors to the hatchery and museum for an educational closeup view of the fish production process! Enjoy walking trails, museum exhibits, and fish feeding opportunities!

Mickelson Trail

The George S. Mickelson Trail runs through the heart of the Black Hills, connecting Deadwood with Edgemont. The crushed-stone pathway incorporates nearly 100 converted railroad bridges and 4 tunnels, and much of it traverses national forest. Bike a short distance, walk a mile or so, and enjoy the picnic areas and benches along the trail. With some planning, you could even schedule day-trips to allow you to visit all fifteen trailheads and cover many of the 109 miles of this former railway.

Best of the Black Hills!

Proudly chosen "Best Skilled Nursing" in the Black Hills!

Thank you to the 5,200 people who cast 55,389 votes in 143 categories and chose Westhills Village as the best "Skilled Nursing" in the Black Hills!

Each year, local newspaper The Rapid City Journal holds a competition for local businesses. This year, Westhills Village was overwhelmingly chosen as the best local skilled nursing facility.

We do not take lightly your confidence in our facility, staff and vision. Your votes are a meaningful way of letting us know we're on track - providing the type of continuing care that we believe is important for the Black Hills community, our residents, and their families.

Thank you again for your vote! We look forward to a year of continued excellence!

Let's Get Physical!

April 13, 2018

Physical activity has many health benefits. Regular physical activity, especially in aging adults, has been shown to:

  • increase muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • reduce the risk of premature death
  • reduce the risk of falls
  • assist in prevention and management of health conditions like stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, obesity and depression
  • enhance sleep, wellbeing and quality of life
  • increase social interaction

Safety First

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Wear hats and sunscreen outdoors in the summer.
  • Use safety equipment such as bike helmets.
  • Choose safe environments such as well-lit streets, open parks and indoor facilities.
  • Make sensible choices about when and where to be active and who to be active with.

Heart Healthy Tips

February 16, 2018

February is Heart Health Month and there’s no better time to  have a heart-to-heart about ways you can improve your heart’s health as you age. Just because your doctor hasn’t mentioned that you have a heart condition, doesn’t mean you
won’t benefit from these simple, small changes that improve Heart Health!

Eat Colorful Fruits and Veggies

Low in calories, high in vitamins, minerals and fiber — adults should get at least five servings per day of these nutrition powerhouses.

Sleep Well for Heart Health

Not getting enough sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression. Together, these four health conditions prove a powerful case that sleep isn't just beneficial, it's vital. Don’t watch TV or use other electronic devices before bed – or if you do, go to a different room so your bedroom is just for sleeping.

Practice Gratitude

Making a list and conjuring the feeling of gratitude about what you can appreciate about your life every day appears to have a real effect on the smoothness and rhythm of the heartbeat.

Exercise Regularly

Regularly exercising thirty minutes a day can improve your heart’s (and overall body’s) health!  Whether you take a brisk walk, play the Wii, sign up for a weekly class, or enjoy working out in the comfort of your living room - the important thing is that you do something every day.  Consider adopting a dog to get out there and move! Can’t adopt ? Volunteer to walk dogs at a local shelter!